Über ORA

Wir kreieren coole Kleidung für dich

The ORA crew is a rag tag team of 6 people. Our goal is creating cool Kleidung, making people happy und having fun along the way.

We love good music, booze und people in equal measure und want to make real shit for real fuckin people. We dont take ourselves too seriously und we dont take our customers for granted.

We want to make sure that each piece is made with love und care, so you can be sure that youre getting something special. All the garments and inks we use are made from organic cotton and certified by Oeko-Tex, ensuring that they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for the environment.

At ORA, we strive to create unique apparel that stands out from the crowd and makes people feel good about themselves. We hope you join us on this journey!

Ist das nicht eine Wucht? 🙂 .