Responsibly sourced and good for you!

We started Ockham’s Razor Apparel because we really wanted to take a stand against “fastfood cloth” that you can only wear once. We believe that your cloths should not be harmful to you, the environment or the people who create them. 

This is why we are only using high quality colors and garments for our products. 

On this page, you may find out more. 

We use 100% Organic cottons

High quality garments created in the most responsile and ethical way

Our apparel is ethically sourced

Our base material is from vendors that adhere to the principles of the Fair Wear foundation.

We aim for sustainability

Contemporary clothing made with respect for both people and planet. Our printers are using green energy. Our apparel uses 100% GOTS certified cotton from India, recycled polyester from China and other sustainable materials