Tonic Dreams

Sugars and Caffeine mingling with the divine. An evening that borrows from the next day. Forging your tonic dream in neon signs.

This tee tells the story of the nights your inclined to believe that the divine has it’s hand in forging this fortified drink. The night you went from feeling overwhelmed to taking it all in.​

It’s your first day out in ages. You were looking forward to this day for weeks. But tonight, you are running on empty. All the work, all the responsibilities come crushing down asking for their tribute. But there is salvation – “Just a sec”, you tell your mates while you head into the corner shop. “One of those”, you tell the clerk. He hands you the much-longed bottle. The first sip unleashes you.

The Playlist

This list is how we feel after a first sip. Awake, ready to have a brush with destiny – and sometimes just enough confusion to make for a great story.

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The Drink

Cherry Heabutt

Plenty of tonic Wine
Tesco Value Gin
Red Sourz

Mix (preferably in a glass)
consume at 1/10 the pace of your resting heart rate

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